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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.23

 Chapter 23- A reunion after so many years

When Chris disappeared, Kristen spent three months roaming the battlefields full of gunpowder and bloodshed before finally learning that he was rescued. 

Then it took her another few years to find out which organization had rescued Chris. 

Although she knew that Chris was probably hiding somewhere with the Guide Alliance, every time she tried to get close they would turn her away and she’d end up with nothing. 

The Guide Alliance’s hatred against Sentinels was just too strong…Even someone like her who had saved an A-level Guide (who was also an important member of the Alliance), the other party would still be on high alert against her when she tried to inquire about anything. 

When she tried to privately contact the Guide she had rescued, the communications were forcibly intercepted and cut off in the middle of it. 

Fortunately, she did get something from them. An email they had sent her much later. 

The email was rather insincere and short, but it had revealed a fact to Kristen. 

That her brother, Chris, was still living. 

For the Kristen then, that short email was enough for her. 

Kristen stared at the young man in front of her in a daze. 

Compared to the kid in her memory, Chris has changed a lot.

Back then, their home planet was in the midst of a war and their society had collapsed from within. Their society’s order, ethics, and morals were all destroyed little by little during the desperate war. 

Kristen was young when the war first started and she couldn’t remember why it even started in the first place, but she remembered perfectly how the people around her soon grew more cold and indifferent to others as the war waged on. 

In the beginning, people would still occasionally lend a helping hand when they saw someone was about to die of thirst or starvation. However, after years of the war, those same people wouldn’t even blink an eye if a small child collapsed from starvation and crying while lying on the side of the road. They were not willing to spare the child even a bite of food. 

And so, for Kristen and Chirs who had lost their parents to the war, they endured endless hunger almost every day. They grew hungry enough that they became skeletons. 

At the time, Chris’s hair was yellowing at the edges, lackluster and dull. His big light gray eyes were empty and looked out of place on this skinny and thin face. Completely different to him now….Chestnut brown hair smoothly parted to the side and eyes so bright and lively as they stared at her in amazement. 

Chris stared at Kristen’s gray-blue eyes in disbelief, and his eyes gradually moistened with tears. The shameless little bully of the Guide Alliance had actually softened and spoke in such a gentle tone when he had called her “Kristen” just now. 

His lips trembled, even his voice sounded like it was shaking: “….Big sister?” 

Kristen smiled at his bewildered expression, “En.” 

Tears flowed down his face uncontrollably. 

He raised his chin sharply as if he could force the tears back into his eyes. 

Lin Yan, who was still embraced in Kristen’s arms, suddenly twisted uncomfortably. She clasped Kristen’s neck tightly and closed her eyes tiredly. 

Kristen looked down at the Guide in her arms, the affection clearly evident in her eyes. This caused Chris to feel rather conflicted. 

Kristen paid no attention to her brother’s reaction and stood up, carefully avoiding the wound on LIn Yan’s shoulder as she held her. Then she turned to look at Chris and asked softly: “Where’s her room?” 

Chris opened the door and walked out with a complicated heart and led Kristen to Lin Yan’s room. 

He stood to the side and watched as his sister gently placed Lin Yan on to the bed. She carefully covered her with a blanket and tucked it around her body. While she worried over Lin Yan, he felt that his entire world had turned upside down. 

….the sudden appearance of a sister who has been gone for years was already a shock. But can someone tell him why his dear sister was so close to the princess that his dear teacher was following like a dog every day? 

And why were they both in the heat? 

J-just what did they do in a place he didn’t know about! 

Chris held a hand to his forehead in exhaustion and became even more exhausted when he realized his veins were popping against his skin. 


He could only hold back his vomit at all this dog food in front of him and went outside the room with Kristen first. 

As soon as the door closed, Chris’s spiritual beast could no longer restrain itself and jumped out of his spiritual sea. The back cat stood up softly, it’s soft pads stomping on Kristen’s feet as it looked up at her with the same color eyes Chris possessed. The little feline wailed anxiously and excitedly up at her. 

“Huh.” Kristen bent over and picked up the little feline that was much older than she remembered. 

The black cat rubbed its head against her arms and licked her wrist with its sandy tongue when she patted its soft head. 

Chris stood to the side and watched Kristen hold his now grown-up beast. The scene before him was so familiar and overlapped with a scene from his childhood memories. His eyes reddened near the frames again. 

It was like…like they have never been separated in the first place. 

Tears instantly blurred his vision, and he could feel his tears continuously falling from his eyes and slipping along his eyelashes. 

The slightly hoarse voice that was not consistent with the voice in his memories ranged out near his ears: “Aiya, little Chris, why are you crying for?” 

Chris reached up with his hand to wipe the tears on his cheeks but the tears continued to fall. 

Kristen watched awkwardly as he wiped his tears and rubbed his face red. 

She sighed and held out her arms to embrace this silly little brother of hers who always looked so composed even when he was a child. 

Chris remembered how back then Kristen took care of him every day when his parents died to protect them. His older sister would hide with him from the soldiers and scavenge for food to eat. The life they had then was beyond bitter. 

To make matters worse, as the war became even more chaotic, he had unexpectedly awakened as a precious and rare Guide. 

He had almost fallen apart then. Unser such bad conditions, it would’ve been so much better if he awakened as a Sentinel instead of a Guide. At least by becoming a Sentinel, he can become powerful enough that he would no longer need his sister to take care of him and could even protect her instead. 

But he had awakened as a Guide instead. 

A newly awakened Guide is useless on the battlefield and would only be burned on his sister. 

The spiritual power of newly awakened guides is extremely weak and unprotected. They did not know how to build a barrier to stop themselves from being targeted. As a Guide who was sensitive to both turbulent emotions and spiritual power, he was prone to have mental breakdowns from the overload of spiritual information flowing into them. 

And the battlefield was a place full of fierce and unrestrained emotions that were extremely detrimental to a newly awakened Guide. 

If it wasn’t for Kristen who kept calling his name and pulling him back from the brink every time, he might’ve died on the battlefield. 

….Unfortunately, he was captured later on. 

During times of peace, if one awakes as a guide they would be sent to a local branch of the Academy and immediately carry out training on how to establish a mental barrier before being sent to Planet Ta to complete their learning. 

But during times of war, Guides become priceless assets. 

Xue to the terrible Sentinel to Guide ratio, the unbonded Guides sold for a good price even if they never received any relevant training. 

And so, the shameless human traffickers would drive around in tanks and search the ruined city every day for Guides. If they saw an unbonded Guide, they would directly rush up to them and take them away. Those who tried to stop them were either injured, permanently disabled, or even died on the stop. 

When Chris was tied up and being carried into their tank, he had watched as his sister was kicked heavily in the stomach. She curled up on the ground, trembling as she tried to get up. He could only watch as the dust was kicked up before the vehicle started and he never saw his sister again. 

He was bitterly grateful that Kristen at the time was starving and no longer could get up again. 

He didn’t want to see his only family die in front of him. 

After that, he was lucky enough to be reduced by Chu and his people but when he asked them to save Kristen, he was ruthlessly rejected. 

He remembered how Chu held a cigarette he had stolen from the traffickers and sat on the roof of the car, a cold smile on his face: “Look for your sister? There are no safe places on this planet anymore, how are you going to find her?” 

His long hair blew lightly into the air, Chu took a deep drag and then sneered: “You want to search for her yourself? You are a little Guide who knows nothing, who can’t even protect yourself. There is no way for you to pass through the battlefield safely. You will only be captured and sold again.” 

Chu completely ignored the wishes of the little Guide and forcibly dragged him back to Pandora.

For a long time after that, Chris hated Chu. 

Then he discovered he had an extraordinary talent in pharmacology that even James, the man who had shocked the entire galaxy with his invention of the soothing agent, had asked him to be his student. 

Chris remembered sitting outside the base one night, the stars dim yet still clearly shining. 

His home planet was very far away from Pandora and he couldn’t find his home in that dense starry sky. 

But Chris didn’t care.

He just wanted to look at the starry sky and reminisce about his sister who didn’t even know where he was. 

He was engrossed with the night sky and sat on the grass as he hugged his knees when a person sat beside him. 

Chris turned his head and saw Chu’s iconic long-haired ponytail, but unexpectedly didn’t mock the man as usual. 

Chu didn’t look at him, just looked at the starry sky, and said lukewarmly, “I got someone to visit your home planet again.” 

Chris immediately straightened his ears. 

Chu glanced at the boy’s nervous expression and smiled slightly: “There has been a little girl who asked about you and has been searching for you everywhere. Someone told her that you have been picked up by us.”

“The war situation on your home planet has eased up. Your sister should be fine now.” 

Chu stood up and dusted off the grass clippings on his hands: “If fate allows it, you will meet her again in the future.” 

Chris carried that sentence in his heart for many years. 

He has finally found his family again. 

Kristen hugged her brother who had turned into a crybaby, her own eyes beginning to grow sour and hot. 

She felt Chris’ tears wet the clothes on her shoulder and she patted his back as she comforted: “Be good, don’t cry anymore…”

She didn’t finish when Chris hugged her even tighter, choking her body, and then he twitched violently. 

In the next second, Chris cried loudly: “Sister–” 

“Why did you become a Sentinel?!!” 

Author’s notes: 

Kristen: “…..” 

Kristen: …..after not seeing each other for so many years, that’s the first thing you say?!

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