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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.4

Chapter 4- The hero saves the beauty: Kristen appears

What are these people?! 

So far, the men in black have been very respectful to her. In this crowded spaceship, they had even left Lin Yan to ponder things quietly in her own private room. 

However, whenever she remembered that she was among a bunch of strangers and creatures she knew nothing about, no amount of privacy or respect could stop the chills from going down her back. 

Especially….for the fact that she has found not a single other living human being on this entire ship. 

Lin Yan closed her eyes tightly and slowly pulled back the strands of spiritual energy she had scattered around the ship. 

The first man in black, the evident leader of the group, seemed not to care about Lin Yan’s probing. He stood near her cabin’s door, his mouth raised slightly with a mirthful smile. 

“Who are you people? What are you?” Lin Yan opened her eyes, not a hint of fear in her amber gaze. 

“Oh?” The man giggled, the mechanical sound somewhat screechy to the ear, “Madam is interested in us insignificant pawns? Us nameless nobodies?”

Lin Yan studied his pupils that reflected with a metallic luster, “Anyone who can come and go freely on Pandora is definitely not an insignificant pawn, much less a nameless nobody.”

“Hahahaha!” The man seemed to have heard a funny joke and laughed heartily, heedless of the static noise he was making, “Interesting, how interesting….”

As if he was unable to control his laughter, his head tilted to the side and his body twisted in a grotesque manner as he chuckled, “…So there are still people who think we are not nameless pawns, hahaha….”

Lin Yan sat calmly in her chair and watched as the man’s laughter slowly subsided before it stopped altogether. The man raised a hand and stroked his face, his eyes losing focus for just a second as he murmured: “Who are we…who am I? Even I have almost forgotten it all….”

He narrowed his eyes and turned his head to gaze at the scenery outside: “Of course, someone like Madam who came from Planet Ta will naturally not know our name.”

The cabin fell into an awkward silence. 

Lin Yan opened to her mouth to say something when a sudden flash of intensely bright white light lit up the sky outside. She couldn’t help but close her eyes. 

“1, 2, 3….starting repair, 4, filling in the gas, 5, 6, 7…raising the shield, preparing to fire….”

The man in black who hadn’t spoken for a long stint suddenly moved in response to the voice. 

Before the man could say anything, a loud bang sounded in his ear and the entire ship shook violently.

A bombardment! 

The ship lost its balance and Lin Yan clung to the chair and tried to steady herself. 

The ship was already on the edge of Pandora’s atmosphere and so this sudden bombardment caused the ship to rumble unsteadily. Lin Yan couldn’t maintain her balance and she was flung to the ground, her legs hitting the floor hard. 

Spots of black danced in her vision as she tried to stand up but before she even lifted herself from the ground, the ship was bombarded again with another round. 

The man looked out the window and sent out an order. Immediately, the other men in black who had been silent from beginning to end, opened the escape exit of the cabin and grabbed Lin Yan roughly. 

Lin Yan struggled against their grasp but was hit in the back of the neck by the man and was promptly knocked out. 

The bombardment didn’t stop and actually increased in intensity. The man in black saw his ramparts were starting to crack and he turned his gaze to study the blood-red behemoth outside. 

“The Crimson…..Assassin….”The man gritted his teeth, “…just you wait…”

The other party did not appear to be committed to killing them. Except for the first few rounds that broke the energy shield, what came after were merely small blasting missiles with the minimal amount of power behind them. The battleship just floated there, relaxed and nonchalant, as if they were teasing the enemy. 

This was something the despicable man in black could not tolerate! 

He glanced at the battleship outside, just floating above the planet’s atmosphere and let out a maniacal laugh. 

“Heh!” The man’s laughter stopped and his eyes flashed with paranoia and something twisted as he ordered, “Go!”

The spaceship’s powerful engine started and fired with the maximum power, instantly passing through the artillery fire and charged towards the looming battleship on the other side. 

The Crimson Assassin could not stop the enemy spacecraft and could only watch as the spacecraft flew into the black unknown. 

Lin Yan woke with an aching soreness in the back of her neck as she struggled to clear her mind. 

She wanted to sit up, but her hands were bound tightly and she was forced to lie back down. 

She couldn’t help but sigh a little. The people in black were very respectful before, who could have imagined they had become so rough in just a blink of an eye. 

She shook her hands, the handcuffs clinking against her wrists. With her hands clasped behind her back, she could not move, much less touch the necklace hanging around her neck. 

She smiled self-deprecatingly and turned to look around.

The cell was a standard one, with semi-transparent walls, walls where guards can see her from all sides but she can only see their blurry silhouettes. 

Lin Yan twisted her body again, struggling to somehow free herself but unfortunately, the restraints would not budge. 

She lay on the ground, panting and letting out a laugh of self-loathing. However, her self-pity sentimental segment was interrupted by the voices of several people. 

A hand appeared on the wall in front of her. The walls that had originally blocked all sounds were removed of its sound insulation function and the voices from outside could be heard clearly. 

“…I don’t want to make things difficult for you, so I’ll get to the point. I don’t want anything on your ship,” a slightly husky yet feminine voice said softly, “I only wish to ask, why did you kidnap this person?”

The mechanical voice of the man from before seemed to be full of suppressed anger: “Crimson, this is none of your business. There has been no intersection between the two of us, there is no need for you to worry about us nameless pawns.”

“Oh?” The other voice said playfully, oozing with sex appeal, “Although you claim to be just Ants, everyone knows that Ants are not mere nameless pawns.

The man let out a few mechanical sounds, but no words came out, as if he did not know what to say. 

“Where were you going to take this person?” The woman knocked on the glass as if she was testing out the hardness of the walls, “An S-Level Guide, not bad. There aren’t many S-Level Guides in the entire empire, so tell me, which high-tier official ordered you to do this?”

The woman asked, her fingers drumming quietly across the wall in a bored manner. But the subtle tapping caused Lin Yan to suddenly open her eyes and hold her breath a little.  

Two taps means a longer spacing between the letters, while one tap means a shorter spacing. This is a ‘da’ and this is a ‘di’ that is often used in Morse code. As long as you remember these rules, we can use a series of passwords and such to pass information to one another without being discovered. 

Lin Yan desperately tried to remember where this distant memory had come from and listened to the tapping with bated breath. 

〖Did you hear him? Are you aware of what will happen if he takes you to his master?〗

Was there even a need to guess?

Lin Yan smiled bitterly. They would give or sell her off to someone with money and power. As an S-level Guide, even as a breeding machine, she would be making her would-be owners unmeasurable profit. 

The Ant laughed in a low tone: “This is not something you can know.”

〖 A canary in a gilded cage or a free eagle in the sky, which one do wish to be?〗

Lin Yan closed her eyes, almost impatiently. 

〖I am a Sentinel. The spiritual relaxants are not working on me anymore…〗The series of rhythmic taps paused, as if struggling with its wording, 〖If you are willing to help me solve my problem, I will rescue you.〗

Lin Yan appeared to be indifferent. However, in a place where the other party could not see, her fingers clenched. 

〖If you agree, then move.〗

Lin Yan listened wordlessly to this code and slowly rolled over her body as she opened her eyes.

A woman in a startling red dress stood outside the glass walls and she raised a hand to play with her chestnut-brown hair as she smiled with bright red lips, “Then I am truly sorry.”

“This person. I want her. She’s mine.” 

She pulled a laser blade that was tied around her thigh and plunged it deep into the wall. 

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The jail cell immediately let out the harsh sounds of an alarm. 

The men raised their heads in confusion, but before they could do anything, the woman in red ran up against the glass and propelled herself against it. She flung herself in the air, twisting her body as she flew. 

Her red dress floated as she rotated in the air, like a blooming rose. However, this blooming rose brought about blood and violence!

One man was kicked in the head by her, knocking him out almost instantly. The woman landed back onto the ground and next to the blade she had stuck in the wall, her red high heels barely making a sound. Like a red butterfly, so graceful. 

One of the men signaled to some of his peers and together they swarmed the woman in red, his weapon swinging mercilessly. 

The woman grabbed the blade, her hands firmly grasping the handle as she jumped into the air again. Her legs wrapped around the leading man’s neck and twisted it. A snap later, the man fell to the ground and he would never get up again. She freed the blade stuck in the wall and with a simple backhand swing, she cut the throat of the last two who rushed up. 

In less than ten seconds, she had brought down four people!

The effortlessness of it all caused the rest of the men in black to hesitate. 

“Are you surprised?” She smiled a lazy yet dangerous smile. One of her high heels was now crushing on one of the fallen men’s heads, “As to why I am doing this?”

The laser blade in her hand was cutting through the glass wall and she exerted more force on both the head she was stepping on and the blade she was using to slice the glass. The head now had a dent in it.

A triangle was drawn on the glass wall and the woman in red smiled. She looked at the Guide lying inside and winked directly at those amber eyes. 

Blood suddenly spurted across the ground. 

The woman in red didn’t seem to notice that her high heels were now covered in the blood of a crushed head and raised her feet to kick down the glass wall. The glass came crumbling down. 

She entered the jail cell and twirled the laser blade like a toy. Like magic, she sliced through the handcuffs easily and gently held the Guide’s thin yet slender body in her arms. 

She pulled at the communicator that was disguised as a brooch on her collar and said in a lazy yet charming voice, “Daniel, prepare the transfer. We’re leaving.” 

The red dress twirled around her as she hugged the Guide into her arms. A beam of quantum energy lit up around the two people. A flash blinded the eyes of the men still standing. 

The light particles dispersed. They were gone. 

Author’s notes: 

High heels: One of the most enchanting and most deadly weapons on earth. 

Ants: Although I call myself an ant, doesn’t mean I will be trampled to death!! 【Dies with grievances】

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