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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.60

Ch.60 (Extra): Communication records between Strider and the Black Domain 

Black Domain A.I. systems psychological counseling center.

Source of these records: the Strider. 


Hello, I am Strider. 

I am the only legendary mecha currently in service of the Stewart Empire. My pilot is Major General Kristen.

She is my third master.

…Although I don’t want to admit it.

As a mecha with artificial intelligence, I don’t know why I would have such feelings. Pandora explained to me that this is the righteous anger that all single A.I.’s and many humans feel towards lovey-dovey couples. 

But I don’t know what kind of emotion this so-called anger is.

Pandora might know it.

As Pandora said, compared with the previous two, my third master is very unaware of the feeling called ‘restraint’.

My first master was a serious general, so there are not many details to say there. 

You wouldn’t even recognize his name even if I told you. 

My second master, General Angus Chu, because was tricked by someone and forced to marry a reluctant Guide. As a result, something went wrong on the wedding night and almost led to a tragedy. In the end, the connection was successful, but he and his guide were always in a state where they didn’t agree with each other.

Of course, according to this system’s analysis, this should be a form of flirting.

After all, they would always fight so much yet end up doing who knows what in a room together. My master was considerate enough to make sure the ring that acted as a storage space and as my warehouse was always outside the room. 


My third master…. Kristen.

She is a very shameless character.

Kristen would drive me, the great Strider, like a common vehicle to escape from the Platnium Palace with Her Majesty who didn’t want to deal with some government affairs. Then she took us into the planet’s atmosphere to “look at the stars.”

She completely ignored the function that allows me to connect to virtual reality and stimulate the night sky. 

…There is no light in outer space. Human eyes cannot see in complete darkness. How can you even see the stars in the first place! 

Kristen clearly just wanted to kiss and do this and that with Her Majesty in such a confined space! 


The internal monitoring system of this mecha is going to go blind! ! !


Hello, I am Strider.

I am the only legendary mecha currently in service of the Stewart Empire. My pilot is Major General Kristen.

Major General Kristen had a quarrel with Her Majesty today.

The reason seems to be related to some kind of human reproduction behavior.

This A.I. cannot understand the reason for their quarrel.

No, Pandora, you don’t have to try to explain it to me, and you don’t have to transfer such confusing data to my data repository.

I don’t want to understand.

Thank you very much. 


Hello, I am Strider.

I am… Forget it, you should already know what I am.

I know I am great and you should know it too. 

Today, Major General Kristen left Planet Ta and followed the Third Legion to the edges of the Empire. 

This time, the war was caused by the previous act of cleaning up the anti-guide forces. The other side sold information to an enemy country and are now acting against us.  

I hope there is no need for major repairs this time.

After all, the last time I played against those people, Major General Kristen almost destroyed my body.

I hate that feeling.

Her Majesty should also be worried.


Hello, I am Strider. 

The operation is going according to plans and the opponents have been successfully repulsed so far. Those who have invaded the Empire have been removed. 

Please ask Miss Pandora for me.

If unidentified garbled characters appear in the mecha’s program, should they be cleaned up as soon as possible?

[Pandora replied:

If the program running speed is not affected or if it’s even accelerated, then there is no need to clean.

By the way, such garbled characters are currently defined as “Happiness” by the Black Domain. 】


Thank you.


Hello, I am Strider. 

I don’t know if this time my report will be sent back successfully. 

Major General Kristen and I seemed to have walked into a trap and have now lost contact with the fleet.

Our current positioning is the asteroid belt of the Empire (114, 27, 891) domain, and the navigation environment is judged to be very dangerous.

Major General Kristen has now wiped out 42% of the enemy forces in the current territory, and the remaining energy of the system is 74%.

Wish us good luck.


Hello, I am Strider. 

Major General Kristen is really an amazing mecha pilot.

This seems to be the first time I praise her so much.

But she is really good.

After finishing the battle last time, my energy levels only went down to 27%.

According to my calculations, we shouldn’t have been able to make it out of their alive. 

But Major General Kristen was able to do it. It was a maneuver that pushed us to the limits. We successfully reached a critical speed that allowed us to break out of the gravitational force of the enemy’s weapon. 

At present, we have successfully made contact with the fleet. 

Major General Kristen asked me to do one thing.

Please tell Her Majesty, to not worry.


Hello, I am Strider. 

We’ve returned to Planet Ta. 

I think I shouldn’t hold any more expectations for Major General Kristen. 

Because this time she was rather….excited, and Her Majesty was also very excited.

So they forgot to kick me out of the room….again. 

…I was forced to listen to the sound of human mating all night. According to my analysis, and my subsequent judgment, I think I need a thorough cleansing of my programs. 

By the way, Miss Pandora, can you add a program for me that will allow me to block out outside sound?

I will be eternally grateful if you did so. 

Author’s notes:

This story is now officially over. 

From the first chapter published on November 12th to the end of chapter 60th on January 30th, this story has accompanied me for a full three months.

This is my first time trying to write a novel. I am very lucky to be able to make it to this day. I am very grateful to all the little angels here for their support.

This story has gone through so many twists and turns. In the beginning, I had only an outline of a few vague scenes and characters. It can be said that most of the content of this article was created on the fly, while I was writing it. This is a rather bad problem of mine and caused me to stop and organize my thoughts several times before writing it down reluctantly.

I am very grateful to the little angels for their continued understanding and support, otherwise it would be difficult to support the completion of this story with my own enthusiasm.

My original plans for this story is in the title itself. At first, I just wanted to write a little love story about “What if a hacker meets a sexy older woman and forced to marry her”, who knew that I would end up writing a story about a struggle for human rights 2333 (T/N: 2333 is slang for lmao, lol, etc.)

It was an unexpected accident and a surprise.

I hope everyone liked it tho =w=

The next story I will write is the previously mentioned 《Did my wife go offline today》, an eccentric story about a little cutie with supernatural powers → I won’t guarantee that this story will turn from a simple love story into something like this one….

Well, in general, the creation of this story has given me a lot of experience. I hope that the next book can better grasp the rhythm of writing so I can create an even better story!

The new article is expected to open on 3.12, I hope the little angels can collect this new story. It is really important to this author!

I will now work hard to start the outline and strive to save the manuscript this time!

Little angels, see you next time!



Wooo! Another one finished! Onwards to the next one! HURRRAH!!!

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Closing notes: 

Thank you for reading When The Hacker is forced to Marry.  Remember, this is a fan translation! I do NOT own this novel. Please support the author if you enjoyed it: click HERE.

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  1. Clap, clap, clap. Parabéns a todos os envolvidos na tradução e edição dessa obra de arte que o título realmente não faz jus a totalidade dessa belezura. Vocês ouviram isso? ah, fui eu batendo palmas.


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