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When the Hacker is Forced to Marry Ch.7

Chapter 7- Kristen grabs Lin Yan’s outstretched hand

Kristen didn’t seem to notice Lin Yan’s stiff movements and leaned forward to grab the little snow leopard in Lin Yan’s arms. The snow leopard tried to steal a few sips of the juice but was dragged away by its owner, “Thank you for your hard work. I am well aware of the chaotic mess within my spiritual sea so it must’ve been hard for you to clear it.”

“That was nothing, it was part of the deal for rescuing me, “ LinYan hesitated, as if she wanted to say something but then stopped herself. She changed the topic to a more safe subject, “This snow leopard….is it your spiritual beast?”

“This little guy?” Kirsten held the snow leopard up by the scruff of its neck and the snow leopard stretched out its paws in disapproval as it growled in protests, “Yeah.” 

Lin Yan stared into those grey-blue eyes that were the same color as the little snow leopard, and the words suddenly became stuck in her throat. 

Her thoughts and feelings piled up in her heart, and she looked away, hesitating once again. 

The cold temperature of the glass of juice against her hands brought Lin Yan back to her reality. 

She shifted her body, holding the glass at the bottom and then gently placing the tips of her other hand against the walls of the glass cups. Her nails rang out clearly against the glass as she tapped lightly. 

〖You…〗 Lin Yan paused her tapping and then continued, 〖How do you know how to use Morse code?〗

Kristen seemed to freeze, her body stiffening. Although she had long guessed that Lin Yan would eventually ask her this question, she had not expected to be asked in this way. 

Looking at the nervous expression on Lin Yan’s face, she couldn’t help but smile a little and let her fingers tap against her own glass. 

 〖It was tight to me by someone a few years ago.〗

Kirsten glanced at Lin Yan’s stunned expression and continued her light percussion: 〖It seems, I have finally found the person who taught me.〗

Lin Yan raised her head, her amber eyes full of doubt and suspicions: 〖…..Why did you look for me?〗

Kirsten laughed audibly at this question, her husky voice reverberating through the air: 〖Nothing much, I just wanted to try something.〗

She stopped tapping on the glass, her fingers gently stroking the icy walls in contemplation. 

〖Try what?〗

Kristen lowered her head, her long eyelashes covering her eyes as a hint of a wry smile tugged at the corner of her lips: 〖Try and see if I can still find the ghosts my past.〗

She raised her head again, the bitterness in her smile disappearing in the next moment as she smiled brightly with a hint of arrogance: 〖Luckily, I have found it.〗

These words were said in too ambiguous of a manner and Lin Yan could not distinguish the truth from the lies in her words. This made her feel a foreboding sense of fear. 

What Crimson said may have been the truth, but Lin Yan knows nothing about her, even if she is the person Lin Yan suspected Crimson to be. She does not know what Crimson has gone through these past few years, why this person just happened to appear at Pandora, and save her from her kidnappers. 

Under certain circumstances, anyone will change. The person named Crimson in front of her may no longer be the little girl from long ago. The little girl who had desperately struggled to find her little brother. 

She could’ve changed, just like that father of hers. Her father who makes her wonder if her distant memories of him were all wrong. 

She inwardly warned herself not to be so gullible and easily trust others. She regained her composure and set down the glass in her hands. 

“Why did you appear on Pandora?” Lin Yan bottled the feelings that threatened to spill out, her eyes instantly turning into her original cold appearance, “And….how did you find me?”

“Do you remember what you said to me all those years ago?” Kristen nervously fidgeted her fingers, “When you asked other than Planet Ta, which other planet had the most Guides, I had told you then it was Pandora.”

“My brother was a Guide and I was only an ordinary person then.” She sighed and smiled, “When…he was taken away.” 

A memory surfaced from within the depths of Lin Yan’s mind. 

The girl was a sack of bones, her skin dirty and so dried up that one couldn’t even tell she was 16-year-old anymore. She opened her grey-blue eyes and stared blankly at the slowly rising smoke in the distance. 

She was so tired. Her body could no longer support the intense exertion and she trembled with every step. 

She had gone so long without any food, her vision was blurry and in a moment of inattention, she tripped over some rubble and tumbled to the ground. 

The girl collapsed heavily on the ground, letting out a cry. 

It was at this moment that Lin Yan discovered her. 

Back then, Lin Yan was just learning how to control technology and other systems through remote control. From the Palace on Planet Ta, she had used a nearby transmission tower to hack and control a random robot. 

……It was just that the robot was not an ideal target. 

Lin Yan studied the hunk of metal through a camera installed on the robot. The metallic body was rust and had most likely long been abandoned for many years. It was quite unexpected for it to still have energy left over that allowed her to operate it. 

However, when she walked out of the warehouse from where the original body was stored, what she saw frightened her. 

Twelve-year-old Lin Yan may have been born with strong mental power and talents and accumulated an overwhelming amount of knowledge, but she wasn’t prepared for what she saw. 

And what she saw was a battlefield. 

The robot she had randomly selected was located in the middle of a battlefield. 

However, although the scene before her was gory and frightening, she considered it as nothing more but a fun game. 

Lin Yan carefully manipulated the robot to stumble among the fields of the battlefield in search of an energy source. She had roamed among the destitute setting for a long time and was about to lose interest when she saw a figure lying on the ground, crying silently in pain. 

The little robot skittered in front of the girl and a short sentence flashed on its display: 

 【What happened to you?】

The little robot accompanied the girl on her journey. It went everywhere with her, went with her as they searched for information before finally receiving a piece of news that was neither good nor bad. 

Every single awakened Guide found in this war zone was taken away. 

They were not tied up and sold, or kidnapped, but taken away one by one by a spaceship. 

The people who informed them of the news did not know where this spaceship came from. They had only drawn down the sign they saw on the spaceship. 

It was a circle made up of a wreath of iris flowers and arrow pierces through the garland, pointing directly towards the sky. 

The symbol was very similar to the emblem of Planet Ta’s Guide Academy. However, the circle of the Guide Academy’s emblem was not a wreath of irises but a set of intermittent dashed lines. 

Lin Yan still remembered what she was told when she herself was sent to the Guide Academy: “These dotted lines represent our planet, that our planet will always be the first circle of protection for the Guides.

In the past, Lin Yan had wholeheartedly believed this patriotic spiel. However, when she roamed around that battlefield, she no longer knew what to believe. 

If Planet ta was really supposed to protect all Guides, then why had Crimson’s brother disappeared without a trace?

Kirsten’s low voice pulled Lin Yan back from her memories: “…..After you left, I finally found the truth. I finally found out what that symbol represented.”

Lin Yan felt her heart grow cold, a strong premonition budding in her heart, “What does it stand for?”

“The Guide Alliance.”

As soon as those words fell out of Kristen’s mouth, Lin Yan’s hand shook. 

Guide Alliance….The mysterious organization that has been ‘watching’ her since she escaped. The organization that had sent her an unexplainable and encrypted letter before disappearing. 

She maintained her poker face, her calm expression not cracking in the slightest, “Guide Alliance…what does that have anything to do with you coming to Pandora?”

Kristen smiled, “Pandora is the headquarters of the Guide Alliance.” 

“As for the Ants, well, the Ants and I have had some…interactions in the past. Naturally, I was going to say hello when I saw them.” The grey-blue eyes stared intensely at Lin Yan, “But I never expected that you would be there.” 

“The only information I had was that you were an S-level Guide from Planet Ta. I had only wanted to give it a shot and see if you were the person I was looking for-”

“Stop.” Lin Yan interrupted her with indifference. 

“I also want to find this Guide Alliance.” She lifted her head, her amber eyes as tranquil as the ocean, “If you wish to find them together, then I propose a partnership.” 

Lin Yan stretched out a hand and looked fixedly at Kristen. 

Kristen smiled and stretched out her own hand to shake LinYan’s left hand: “Okay.”

Pandora, headquarters of the Guide Alliance: 

“Chris! Where is that report on your drug research?!”

A grumpy white-beared grandpa kicked down the office door and looked at the young man with short chestnut brown hair who was lying lazily on his office chair. The hologram in front of him was playing some famous interstellar anime and the so-called pharmacological genius that the Wizard Alliance had high hopes for was staring at the hologram with red eyes. He even had a pocket full of tissues in one hand to wipe his tears. 

Chirs seemed taken aback and he turned his head, his grey eyes still red and watery, “Hey, teacher!” Don’t worry, the report will be handed in by the end of today. Let me just finish this episode first-”

The professor did not care what excuse the young man had and harshly kicked the swivel chair. Chris’s heartbreaking anime hologram flickered out of existence and a control panel opened up instead. 

With a bored expression, he entered the numbers they had previously calculated and began pulling up files of half-finished products.” 

“The second version of the suppression tablets are basically done. I’ve tried them before and the effects are quite good.” Chris smiled and turned to look at the professor, “Teacher, would you like to take some back and run a few tests on them?”

The professor who was looking through the files almost died from anger when he heard those words, “No tests have been carried out yet and you actually have the balls to use it on yourself? What if something went wrong?”

“Relax,” Chris had a careless look on his face, “I’ve participated in the research for the previous version and have memorized the parameters and steps. I even did some brief testing to find that there was no problem. 

He lifted his chin with pride: “In order to test this tablet, I went to a ‘blind date bar’ and the effects are really good! I can even forcibly cut off a connection when it was at its peak! A pity for that Sentinel! Hahaha, he probably thought he would finally get a bond this time but then the result—-nothing!”

The professor was so angered by his words and picked up a pen to knock the back of the man’s head, “Can’t you grow a brain! Do you think a blind date bar should be a place for you to go too?!”

Once a person reaches adulthood, a Sentinel and Guide are prone to fall into a ‘heat’ period before they’ve been bonded. A blind date bar was a holy place for young Sentinels and Guides to make contact during this ‘heat’ period and see if they can form a connection and possibly a bond, maybe even a resonance!

“Hahaha, teacher stop hitting me!” Chris started away from his professor’s pen, “I know, I know, I won’t let any Sentinel bond with me that easily.”

A malicious glint flashed in his light grey eyes, “After all, the thing I hate the most is a Sentinel.” 

The Author’s notes: 

The little brother has arrived! 

Chris: No! I hate Sentinels so much! Why has my favorite person also become a Sentinel! I am not convinced!

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  1. I know the morse code bit was meant to be all cool and dramatic, but considering how many taps it takes for just one letter in morse code, just imagine how long they were sitting there for, haha

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